Let The Gaggle Thin

Now the year before the big event, the gaggle of candidates begins to thin as a governor drops out and 15 remain on the side which began in Ripon, Wisconsin so many years ago. On the opposing side, the favorite has stretched her lead ahead of three others.

Many are taking aim at the first real primary in New Hampshire while others take a shot at the caucus in Iowa where a few decide for many who will take the headlines to Concord. For those in the know, the game really begins in the 9th original State where the 14th President of the United States came from. From the folks on the Androscoggin River to Lake Winnipesaukee, from Mt. Washington to the Merrimack River, candidates will spout, talk, brag and beg. It all comes down to the precious vote. This is the land of the Granite State where ‘Live Free or Die’ was born.

So Jeb, Ben, Chris, Ted, Carly, Jim, Lindsey, Mike, Bobby, John, George, Rand, Marco, Rubio, Rick and Donny will attempt to put a bite into the GOP. Then Hillary, Lawrence, Martin and Bernie will try to do the same on the other side. Meanwhile Jill will see if she can pull a vote on the floor of the convention.

So here we are. Approximately 20 people are running for the President of the United States. Three Hundred and Sixty-Three days before the Big vote. But first, two of these people have to be nominated.

We have just seen a Doctor surpass the reality star in the national polls as attacks fly between almost every one. Now is the time when specifics are rare and no one wants to be pushed into a corner. It is too early for that to happen. The old guard is attempting to use old ways to see if they can give their candidate a boost, out of loyalty and pressure from those who have held the highest position in the land previously. And the new guard is slinging everything they can to see if they can break through like a few have done in the past.

This past week the caravan moved into Milwaukee which was televised on a cable business channel favorable to the GOP. The reality TV fellow told everyone to allow others to talk, as if he was the teacher in a grade school. The Doctor didn’t really say anything. The former, legacy front runner thanked the teacher then attacked the newbie from Florida who in turn used the former legacy front runners comments to promote himself while stating away accusations of misuse of credit cards belonging to the Party. The Governor from Ohio gave a rational response to the teacher’s immigration move. The lady from computer land didn’t really say much except to give a fine rebuke of the teacher when the teach said he had met the President of Russia and that she had as well, but ‘not in a green room’. The Governor of Jersey was relegated to the earlier, sub-candidate debate along with the Senator from South C. Thus, no candidate really moved the needle one way or another. They just made the restaurants and hotels in Milwaukee very, very happy. Sad. That City won’t support any of them in the General Election. It’s a socialist thing. No Republican ever has done well in the City of Beer & Cheese although Ronald did when he went and delivered a thundering speech at Serb Hall in 1979, a bastion of the other party. However, today, that same party has set, per this week’s debate, the following:

◉ No increase in the minimum wage.

◉ There is a need for more welders than philosophers.

◉ Everyone is against the current President’s policies.

◉ Many want to stop illegal immigration.

◉ Everyone does not like the opposing party’s leading candidate.

◉ World is changing faster than ever.

◉ Most do not want and are opposed to more government regulations.

◉ All of the candidates liked former President Ronald Reagan.

Now on to the next show later this year. In the meantime there will be pushing and shoving, acquisitions thrown and responded to, with little clarity and little substance. They are still dancing. The music of wonderland is still playing in their heads.

For those thinking they will have a climatic moment shortly that will define the future candidate, it is not in the cards this early.

Nothing will be settled in Iowa except for an evening’s headline or news clip which will resonate for about 24 hours. The game, for those who understand, begins in New Hampshire. Do well there and you will be allowed to continue to on the road to wonderland. If you don’t, there really isn’t much of a future for this campaign.

Some will not point to New Hampshire as the demarkation line. For them, they aim for an individual State which will give them some substance with a good showing, more importantly, they feel a good showing will give them some clout to carry into the convention as many will be seeking the #2 spot. That is THE game within THE GAME.

After New Hampshire there will be a huge drop off as funds from contributors dry up. The contributors will follow the smell of a winner. Some of the candidates will drop out because they know in their hearts they cannot get nominated. Some will blame it on something else. Yet others might say they want to go on a book tour.

Let the crazy times begin.

We are off and running On The Road To Wonderland.

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  1. Sunny Lubner says:

    Excellent content. Look forward to keeping up here during the Silly Season.


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