Teletubbies Tutan Uncommon

Arn’t you glad you don’t live in New Hampshire or Iowa this month?

Unfortunately for those folks, as they watch ‘American Idol’ audition rounds or ‘Angel From Hell’ debut or ‘The Big Bang Theory’, all on Thursday evening, there was a 25% chance they saw one of these on their screens during the commercial breaks.

So, for the record, we present to those of you who subscribe to Netflix, or just plain folks living in the other 48, the plight of those poor souls living in Burlington to Marshalltown.


For those counting, this year’s Presidential Candidate Nomination battle will boost the economies of those States which have primary elections. So far, in Iowa and New Hampshire alone, they have spent $75 million plus. Good for the Hawkeye Granitites.

And just in time for the football playoffs this weekend.


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