Let’s Name The Cabinet

We have now entered a new era in politics. Not only have we had the assault of personal attacks and juvenile playground antics of nah nah nah nah nah but a new world reality game board strategy has been put into play to one-up the opponents to grab a minute-by-minute headline for the voracious media to granulate. And without a doubt, those all-news cable networks along with nearly every social media pendant in the world jumped all over it. This makes the race to the nomination a punch, counter-punch, punch again scenario.

Take for instance what happened this week on the rubber-chicken road (this week was soooo good). First the Senator from Texas, who trails in delegates (and now mathematically cannot win on the first ballot) did a one-up by naming his running mate after finishing third in the last primary. That’s a lot of ‘chutzpah’. He named a woman, the former businesswoman from Silicon Valley who was in the race earlier, who promptly broke into…song.

Back came the floppy haired one giving a teleprompter speech on foreign policy in which he mispronounced Tanzania. Everybody jumped all over that before the last syllable came out of his mouth. Tanzania? Woman?

He then went on to suggest that the former Secretary of State would not get many votes if she were a man, suggesting her climb to the top was solely because of her gender. The Governor of New Jersey’s wife, standing behind the candidate was seen rolling her eyes.

The media jumped all over this. The poor woman may now be dis-invited to use the private toilet on the candidate’s personal jet.

The opposing party’s leading nominating delegate gatherer, the former Secretary of State , did not waste time banging back suggesting that her stance on women’s rights and her backing of women’s issues, including fair pay in the marketplace for women, placed her in good stead with women everywhere.

The businessman from New York then attacked the other remaining GOP candidate, the Governor from Ohio for his eating habits, mixing parental guidance with snide snipes at how an individual could eat that way. ‘Tiny bites. Tiny bites.’

While all of this was going on, the two remaining GOP candidates behind the leader decided to sort of ban together by reaching some sort of a deal which would allow only one of them to face the leading candidate in several of the remaining few States’ primaries. The thinking behind this is they could individually win more delegates thus send the convention into a dizzying fight after the first ballot. Everything for the Party of Ripon is about not having the businessman from New York win on the first ballot.

While the Senator from Texas was vague about the deal between he and the Governor of Ohio, the businessman from New York suggested that if you did this type of deal on Wall Street or in business, it would be collusion and you’d be thrown in jail. Which makes one think about all of those bankers who were NOT thrown in jail after the banking meltdown leading into the Great Recession. Must be the writer’s mistake.

But what are the losing candidates to do next? It is suggested that they begin to announce the formation of their Cabinet. Look for the Governor of New Jersey to be named Secretary of Food. Why? He knows how to eat. Could the Senator of South Carolina be named Secretary of Mobile because he knows how to smash his cellphone? The Senator of Florida would be named Secretary of the Wall because he could build the wall between Coronado and TJ and extend it to and through Texas. After all, he’s from Florida. The Governor of Wisconsin could be named Secretary of Labor?

But perhaps we are just trying to get someone nominated way to early. There are a couple of big States coming up. Indiana could be interesting because the guy who is not running there is the next door neighbor’s Governor. How many delegates can he gather while saving a bunch of money and having the other fellow finish a bad second.

Then there is California. There are a zillion delegates to gather. And there are some from every race, color and creed. There are delegates for space and there are delegates for greed. It should be a lovely fight.

Then there is the bandwagon affect. Is the businessman from New York beginning to gather his legions of followers among the Grand Old Party? Some say that those who protesteth too much, are wavering. The Senior Senator from Kentucky has said some nasty things about never, ever going and supporting the businessman from New York. But then again, a hand in the bush is worth a lot of moola. Just sayin.

With all of the harrumph harrumphs, after the convention all of those who say they would never, will in fact, back the beloved businessman from New York. They say he was just ‘playing the game’ during the primaries. See? Now he is Presidential looking. He looked into his teleprompter just like any other President that you have seen. And, now 46% of Republican women said they would now vote for the businessman from New York. When asked why, they stated in unison, ‘He’s our kind.’

Just sayin.

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