It’s A Rim.

There he was. On a basketball court in Basketball Heaven, Indiana, the Senator from Texas  felt the Hoosier hysteria in his blood. Eloquating with his slight southern drawl, in grasping the moment, his oration. ever rising in tone, pointed to the basket and asked an aide… ‘how tall is that baseball ring’….

Oh, oh.

When you give thousands of speeches, much of them impromptu, a word here or there can slip and a polished politician can smooth things over almost immediately. But on this day, on this court, in this State, it just sounded ill-informed.

To those in the audience and throughout the State, you could see the voters minds collectively asking themselves, ‘He didn’t know what a rim is?’. OMG. We cannot, for any reason, vote for this person. In Indiana, there are the sneakers, the socks, the rim, the key, the top of the key, the bucket, the basket, the net and THE ball. There is no ring involved whatsoever.

It would be like going to Wisconsin and bellying up to the bar and asking for that drink with the white stuff foaming on top. It is a beer…a brew…a Leinie…a Miller. It’s like going to Georgia and saying he’d like to eat  that ball with fuzz on it. It’s a peach, dude, not a ball with fuzz on it.

He must have been born, raised and formulated in life in a cocoon inside of Texas. But no. He was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (they know beer). He was raised in Katy, Texas (they certainly know beer). He went to Princeton (that’s in New Jersey) and they know both beer and peaches. He then went to Harvard (that’s probably the reason be doesn’t know basketball). Then he went to Washington, DC (they know about basketball, peaches and where all of the career politicos live).

A ring?

But then it just goes to prove that not everyone is sophisticated in the game played on the hardwood. Has anyone ever seen the Senator from Texas in sneakers? This Irish-Italian-Cuban got no game! He may be Southern Baptist but Basketball is THE religion in Hoosierville.

And on Tuesday, it showed. His efforts rimmed out as the businessman from New York sat on the Senator from Texas and squashed the remaining competition out of him. The Texas Senator suspended his campaign. The chairman of the Party of Ripon called for the unification behind the businessman from New York to defeat the other Party’s candidate.

It’s called a hoop.

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