A Tisket A Tasket. Let’s Pic A Cabinet.

‘A tisket a tasket. Let’s pic a cabinet.
Picking people who have all the class.
And along the way he dropped it.’

Picking a cabinet pulls one in many directions. First there are the promises made to the people while campaigning. Second there are the promises made to the people who were in your inner circle. Third there are the obvious strong points of the various prospects. Fourth there are the promises of the party. Fifth, in this case, there are the promises of the family. Sixth, there are the reminders of those who were against you in the race. Seventh, there are the Congressional realities. Eighth there are the Senatorial realities (it takes 60% of the Senate to advise and consent to a Cabinet nominee). Ninth there are the public relations realities. Tenth, there are the believer’s base realities.

So, first step is to pick a cabinet. And much of the attention is paid to the selection for the Secretary of State. This is the diplomatic face of the nation abroad. This is the person who will be front and center all over the world reflecting the President’s policy.

This has been quite a scene as people of supposed importance have marched in and out of the golden towers in New York to visit with the President-elect. There was the venom spewing former ex-mayor of New York who has been the pitcher of vile for the campaign. His claim to fame is that he was be a favorite of the faithful. Another is a disgraced ex-general. There is a Senator from Tennessee who is head of the Foreign Relations Committee. There is another General who’s claim to fame is he has a son who was kicked off the staff of the President-elect. Then there is the former Party Presidential candidate. And of course, there have been more who have paraded to the golden tower on 5th Avenue.

But let’s concentrate on the ex-Governor of Massachusetts who hails from a tour as the head of the Salt Lake City Olympics. An early opponent of the President-elect, and a frequent critic most recently in the State of Nevada when he again denounced the soon to be President-elect, he is a man who has an affinity for doing good and serving the nation. His attempt at seeking the Secretary of State position would be a no-brainer in Congress. His selection would be praised by the Party. The President-elect’s faithful would be in a tar-and-feather mode. It got so bad that before his second appearance at the golden gates and dinner with the President-elect, the President-elect’s personal spewer of illogic positioning stated she didn’t understand why the former ex-Governor of Massachusetts was even coming back? She asked out loud, as only she can, ‘I don’t even know if he voted for the President-elect’?

Thus the fate of the man from Massachusetts was sealed. Clearly a clumsy sophomoric p.r. move by the ‘personal spewer of illogic positioning’ was a call-out of the President-elects intention NOT to hire the man who would be left out in a normal governmental position this time. But this time is no normal governmental organization. This is abnormal…or as the President-elect likes to call it, this is how the government will operate in the next four years.

Oh, there is that thing about challenging the voting count in three key States. But that doesn’t stand a chance of doing anything.

Then there is, of course, the reality that the President-elect didn’t win the popular vote. And it was not even close.

As of this week, the Democrats have accrued 65,250,000 total votes so far, compared to the President-elect’s 62,686,000, meaning at least 2,564,000 more Americans voted against the new President-elect. In other words, his opponent, the former Secretary of State won the popular vote.

In a variant of the second line in “I lost my yellow basket”, it says….

‘I dropt it, I dropt it,
And by the way I lost it.’

By the way, he lost it.

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