Political Cornacopia Hellsappin & The Lilliputians

Even Olson & Johnson would be amazed. Mad Hatters all. Racing here. Going there. Racing everywhere under the direction of figure with orange hair spouting in the air. Things are happening with counter actions popping up everywhere like trying to hit the man in the hat in the hole with a heavy wooden mallet, too heavy to hit the target before it disappears. Then popping up to misdirect but just in time for the chasing press to crash into each other and before they can ask, there is another misdirection floating over there.

There…there…there…no over there.

There is a call for restrictions within our borders by a certain group that look a lot like a certain Middle Eastern religious order. There is a rising up by the people against that. Marching everywhere. Then a new nominee, while the marches continue in the streets not only in our country but overseas. There is the hanging up on a major ally during a telephone call by our head of state. And then nomination of a Secretary of reading and writing. Harrang….Harrang. She cannot spell. Apologize? Too? She’s not nominated for Secretary of State!

Fate…fate…fate…what will be our fate.

In comes the heads of countries, one after another. Another executive order permitting the Canadian oil pipe. The multi-lingual head of the Maple Leafers comes in, eloquent and standard-bearing, fitting for a king. No hype. Hoping he will not land in the fate as in Mexico. The organged-haired one stating, you are not like Mexico. ‘Oh Canada’ Relief. Then the head of the Rising Sun comes a calling and then flies down to Mar-A-Lago to play a round of golf to be seen gathering in a public space with the head of all that is good and seen talking about top secret information while everything blows up as the #1 security chief, flying everywhere, lands on to the resignation desk for not being forthcoming. Once retired, then fired now resigned and headed to committee hearings about to talk about what he knows to this date. What will be our fate?

You cannot make this up. Nope. You can not make this up.

Get on your bike. Go over there. Arnold’s a flop. No way to stop. Answer that. That’s fake news. No it’s not! There’s a tweet. My ratings were better than the Terminator feat. It’s a misdirection. There’s another tweet. The crowds were bigger. These are all lies. Tweet again. It’s the press’ fault. Who’s creating all the leaks? Bad press. Going another way. The baggy-eyed Madgabber, with a cacophony of sound, says everything is fine. She’s under investigation and now she is saying he’s resigned. The Press Sect in a wildly misdirect, saying he did, he didn’t and there will be no fall (not the season). But now the Madgabber while she’s is on FOX, then on MSNBC and now on ‘The Today Show’ asking, ‘What’s the fuss?’. When asked a question, she just repeats the same ol thing. No admission of fault. Nothing more than the party line. Which party?

A new party?

With new rules. With new people. With a lot of leaks.

The majority party is suddenly silent. The minority party is beginning to figure out that there is an opening. But it too is responding weakly.

The mighty Washington Post and New York Times are on the heels of the story. It is not new to them as there is a faint hint in the air that this could lead to a constitutional crisis. The mighty press is on the heels of the story. They are on the hunt to end all of this madness in glory.

Suddenly the music has stopped. The chairs have stopped moving. Everyone of the players have hunkered down.

Tonight will be better when the figure with orange hair begins his night with an avalanche of tweets as he’s ready to do his shadow fight, after he watches television for his news or appears of FOX News and then the entire political cornucopia hellsapoppin and the lilliputians start all over again.

Berma Shave!

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