64 Days And Counting

Seven years after the signing of the American Health Care Act, the stage was set to turn the tables.

But what happened was sarcastically stated by political scientist Ryan Enos, “in a hyper-partisan political climate, it’s actually an accomplishment to write legislation this unpopular.”

With a 17% approval rating, the Speaker of the House claimed he told the President to pull it. The President said no Democrats would back it. Unfortunately, as many times as he said that, more and more Republicans left the camp. They wanted no part of this bill. If they had finally agreed in what is becoming one of the most disorganized political parties in history, it would have been drastically changed in the Senate, been pushed back to the House where it would have been further watered down and some four months later, it would still be the hanging chad over all conversation in the Nation’s Capital.

So, what have we learned in the first 60 days of this new Presidency?

The overwhelming cloud hanging over this administration is Russian.
The second greatest cloud is familia patronage.
The third greatest cloud is refusing to learn political science.
And the fourth is the citizen’s acceptance of non-truths based on political preference.

A storm is gathering and the world is getting curiouser and curiouser.

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