The Freeform Nature Of The Shape-Shifting Presidency

We owe that statement to George Will. On MSNBC’s ’11th Hour With Brian Williams’ Thursday, 20 April 2017, he added that the Presidency of Donald Trump is like ‘Open Mic Night at the Improve’.

That is the assessment of the first 90 days of the Presidency of the Businessman From New York from a staunch, conservative Republican.

In the past 30 days, this is what has happened:

According to Ron Insana, CNBC financial contributor, stated that ‘A review of Donald Trump’s business career would lead one to say that he has always over-promised and under-delivered. Whether his long list of bankruptcies in the ever-profitable casino business, the failures of his “university,’ steak, vodka or clothing lines, there has been a history of putting himself first, while ignoring the needs of his constituents.

We may be seeing that play out in his approach to government, as well. As in business, Trump has a constituency of one … himself … just ask his stock and bond investors, his suppliers, contractors, laborers, or even his customers. Unlike Trump, they rarely, if ever, participated in the “upside” of Trump-branded products.

So, too, is this happening in the early days of the Trump presidency. His executive orders notwithstanding, the folks who voted for President Trump, thus far, have nothing to show for it. Indeed, it is quite early to make a claim that Trump has failed his constituents entirely, but the handwriting may be on the wall.

His signature initiatives, populist in nature, be it “The Wall,” the travel ban, the enactment of the American Health Care Act, or possibly even tax reform, are either delayed or dead on arrival.

In strict economic terms, some of his signature legislative goals, while keeping his campaign promises, would no doubt hurt the very people he proclaimed to help.

Enactment of the AHCA would have cost 14 million people insurance coverage. The president is now doubling down on an AHCA revival, which is needed to cut Medicaid by nearly $1 trillion, those budget savings deemed necessary to fund comprehensive tax reform.

The president’s “Buy American, Hire American” initiative is the type of overhyped product he has sold in the past, promising great rewards to American workers despite the fact that it is unlikely to create more jobs, or bolster the lot of the truly economically disenfranchised.’

When it came to his recent flight and speech to the people of Snap-On-Tools in Racine, Wisconsin, this past week, the company executives were notified of his coming just three days before the event. This is a classic example of disorganization within this Presidency.

Insana continued, ‘There is precious little empirical data that immigration, for either high or low-skilled workers, harms “native” American workers. This ill-conceived complaint has been leveled at immigrants since the Irish were disembarking their boats in the 1840s.

Dispossessed Americans are hoping that the president’s anti-immigration, anti-globalization and anti-trade liberalization orders will bring back jobs that have largely been lost to innovation and automation. It’s simply a big promise that can’t be kept.’

“His own “special” interest, the family business, is benefiting from his presidency, as his trust is held in his name, his son, Eric, plans to brief him quarterly on Trump deals, while daughter Ivanka gains trademarks in China after sitting next to China’s president Xi at a recent State gathering.”, Insane continued.

‘The President is also claiming that he created 600,000 jobs since his time in office began. No doubt, he can take credit for a stock market rally and consumer confidence jumping on hopes that his business friendly agenda would pass, but that has yet to translate into actual job creation.

He promised to remove special interests from government, drain the swamp, increase transparency and close the revolving door between government officials and lobbying.

His own “special” interest, the family business, is benefiting from his presidency, as his trust is held in his name, his son, Eric, plans to brief him quarterly on Trump deals, while daughter Ivanka gains trademarks in China after sitting next to China’s president Xi at a recent State gathering.

President Trump’s re-election campaign and joint party committees have directed $500,000 in campaign funds to Trump companies since Trump ascended to the White House, amid myriad other reported violations of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

Again, a constituency of one benefits for none.

Even on the military front, the president has talked loudly but carried a tiny stick. His understandable response to the Syrian gas attack, left the Syrian airbase intact but destroyed a mosque.

His “armada” sent to the Sea of Japan to threaten North Korea was heading 3,000 miles in the opposite direction, although no one in the White House bothered to correct the record until recently.

It was a bluff…something even a failed casino owner knows something about. The problem is if you bluff and lose … you can’t bluff again.

It’s about the show. It’s about theatrics. It’s about gilding the lily.’, Insana concluded.

The Secretary of Defense was making threats about North Korea. The Vice President of the United States was at the demilitarized zone in Korea. The Fleet was heading the other way. The spokesperson for the Presidency. the Press Secretary, one Mr. Sean Spicer, gave misstatements pointing out a profound ignorance of the condition of American Jews in particular, and minorities in general. He used the term “Holocaust Centers.” This suggests that Spicer does not even know the term ‘death camps’ or ‘concentration camps.’ It was not just a funny slip of the tongue-it was a shocking display of ignorance that is profoundly hurtful. Jay Michaelson in wrote, ‘At a certain point, whether someone is maliciously deceptive or stupidly ignorant becomes irrelevant. At a certain point, the dumb bully is both dumb and a bully. He’s dangerous either way, spreading falsehoods, attacking the vulnerable.’

The Russian Connection is still on going. The ‘conflict of interest’ charges are popping up every day. The failure to fill the 2000 executive branch positions is ongoing. Told the head of China that he, the President of the United States, without Congressional approval, had just ordered 59 missiles strikes in Syria while dining in a public dining room in Florida. The President allowed his administration to ask the FBI to leak favorable information, in violation of rules protecting the Justice Department’s independence. The President declared the “court system” a threat to national security. And, his Attorney General, decided to attack the State of Hawaii by suggesting that it was only an island in the Pacific that halted a Presidential executive order to ban certain people from entering the United States. The President called NATO obsolete then reversed his position when the Head of NATO showed up at the White House. And Russia-Gate continues to live in the halls of Congress as quietly the Senate investigations are underway.

George Will has stated that Trump is the ‘Gatsby-for-our-Time’. And in making his point, he wrote, ‘”A dependence on the people,” James Madison wrote, “is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.’ He meant the checks and balances of our constitutional architecture. They are necessary because, as Madison anticipated and as the nation was reminded on Inauguration Day, “Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm.” “Living down to expectations, he had delivered the most dreadful inaugural address in history.”

In writing the ‘An Excess of Intellectual Emptiness’, Will stated, ‘What is most alarming about the president and his accomplices in the dissemination of factoids is not that they do not know this or that. And it is not that they do not know what they do not know. Rather, it is that they do not know what it is to know something.’

‘The Trump presidency’, Insana concluded, ‘in its early days, is already looking like a failed effort, one that uses gold paint to cover bronze trim.

It may also be used to make Trump rich again, even if it fails to make America great again.’

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