1BC…On The Day Before Comey

Courtesy of The Washington Post, this is like few days in our history. Social media, legacy media, people talking over the fence, at grocery stores, the story of the day is about what will happen tomorrow.

Some feel it will be a bust.

Others feel it will be a groundbreaker.

While others are critical of Comey giving out the headline of what he will be talking about a day before he testifies before the Senate on Thursday, suggesting he gave the President material to bone up on and use against him tomorrow in a torrent of Tweets with an in-the-moment-flow of counter-comment as Comey would be speaking.

Few felt this way before Butterfield went before the Senate way back when.

Some felt this way before Dean went before the Senate to declare ‘There is a Cancer’….

Whatever tomorrow will bring, people in the nation want to know about the ‘exposure’.

In the meantime, as The Washington Post graphic above suggests, people are changing their opinion of the man who is in the White house right now.

Can he survive?

Will he survive?

In the meantime, the Speaker of the House is talking about the agenda in Congress.

Dear Mr Janesville: nobody cares right now until we get this matter cleared up. But of course, you are from Janesville. Nuff said.

And what is needed to be cleared up?

Is the President of the United States lying?

Are the people surrounding the President of the United States lying about their Russian connection?

Is the President of the United States dealing with Russia for personal and/or business gain?

Is his family dealing with Russia for the President’s personal and/or business gain?

If so, Mr. Janesville is just two steps away from the top spot.

Who’da thunk!

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