And Then There Were Four

On the day after the Rooster crowed by again winning the last of the special congressional elections giving him a complete sweep, the all white male gaggle of United States Senators from his party, who have been screaming about the Affordable Care Act since it was enacted, offered their version of class enslavement.

And with a majority in the Senate, 52-48, the Ripon founded political party need just 50 of their followers to follow them to push this back to the House. However, with no foreseen leapers from the left about to join them, four of their own have spoken out publicly threatening to jump ship. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah, Ted Cruz of Texas and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin are the leapers. And now there are four.

But today in the business of political patronage, comes the hard negotiations. Pork belly futures will be flying all over the place. More ham for my men. Bacon would be nice. Pork chops would be great. Money would mean more.

Now we are going to find out who are seekers of the flame…profilers in courage.

Will the pressure of the party, or the people win? Will the offer of gifts today or downline win them over? Or will these really be principled men of dignity?

A Day Earlier, Hello Big Rooster Hello!

The Big Rooster in the White House Is Cock-A-Do-A-Doodling today. And for good reason: his opponents fell flat on their faces with a whole lot of their money and left the Big Orange Headed Rooster just peckin and grinin not having to say much at all.

Why? Why did this happen?

First of all, those crazies on the far left coast threw as much money as they could spare at a candidate without doing their due diligence. Yes. Poly Sci 101 says that a candidate running for office should maintain a residence in said area they are running in, in order to defend against the labled carpetbagger. And this is especially important when running for office in the SOUTH…The ATLANTA SOUTH.

And secondly, don’t use the excuse that the woman you are living with (while you are intending to marry her), who is going to school, needs to be closer to said school. None of that flies well in the giggle rooms of the local country clubs where the women of the Grand Old Party socialize. You see they know how to fill out and send in their absentee ballots before hand. The carpetbagging, sleeper with women outside of wedlock, locked that ballot up.


The Big Rooster doesn’t have to say a single word. All he has to do is flip his little fingers on a keyboard of his cellphone. And, by doing so, he has all in his party in his hip pocket. They now think that the Big Rooster can beat them in their own districts and States. Why? Each of his candidates, however flawed, won in the various special elections from Montana to South Carolina to Georgia.

He is Cock-Of-The-Walk. His droppings don’t stink. He can ….

You get the picture.

The Democrats are making the Big Rooster look like a political genius.

Let’s face it, the Dude can crow about the achievements of the day. Give the credit where credit is due.

Berma Shave.

A Day Before That…Follow The Bouncing Ball

He could be…he might be…he isn’t…but he says he is.

This past week, one of the wildest back and forths took place as the man who resides in the White House said he was under investigation.

‘I’m under investigation’.

But then another, who does not live in the White House but in another house said that he was his new lawyer. And, that the man in the White House was NOT under investigation.

Which reminds us of the famous tennis match at which we were given center line tickets. All we were doing, all day long, move our head from left to right and back to left and then to the right over, and over and over again.

‘He’s under investigation’, said the announcer.

‘No I’m not’, said the man in the White House.

‘Yes he is’, said a panelist who was speaking with the announcer.

“No I’m not’, said the man in the White House.

‘He is definitely under investigation’, said another panelist who confirmed it via the Washington Post.

‘Yes I am’, said the man in the White House.

‘No he’s not’, said the lawyer for the man in the White House.

‘Who’s on first? What’s on second. And, I don’t know is on third.

Follow the bouncing ball….

There is a man in the White House who says many things.
One is that he isn’t and another that he is.

Then the man in the White House said something strange.
‘I am under investigation’, and you won’t hear another word from me again.

Jay Sekulow’s head is spinning and so is his mouth.

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