305 Days And Still Horrific Dislike For The Man In The White House

It is Day #305 under this Presidency. And according to Gallup, the approval rating of the President is at 36%. an astounding 57% disapprove. Thus, 7% don’t have an opinion.

Of course this is not an ordinary Presidency. A number of his closest advisors, former and current, are under investigation for various reasons. All of the supposed mis-steps center around greed.

His Attorney General, which he has an on again, off again like dislike public relationship; his former Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort, is up to his neck in Russian entanglements and tax fraud; a guy named Papadopoulos who was a foreign policy advisor and he has already pleaded guilty with his involvement with the Russian issues; Rick Gates, a campaign advisor is tied up with Manafort, again on the Russian mess; former White House chief, Reince Priebus; Donald McGun; Hope Hicks, interim public relations director, Sean Spicer, former White House press secretary, James Burnham, McGun deputy, and Josh Raffel, along with chief Assistant Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. Then there is former national security advisor, Michael Flynn and his son. How about Tom Price, Michael Dubke, Steve Bannon and Anthony Scaramucci?

Sweet Sixteen? Hardly. The White House has never seen so many in such a short period of time being investigated for wrong doing in the beginning of any Presidency.

Thus, disapproval. Or, complete lack of confidence.

What will the future bring?

Gallop will show us next month.

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