Before Harvey

We are stranded in a sea of unrelenting sexual misconduct discovery. Day after day, industry after industry, men are being accused of inexcusable sexual misconduct. It is a game changer in American life. When looked back at it in history, years from now, this will be the decade of transparency, when America got clean and men were put on a plateau of shame for not being men, for being stupid, boorish and downright a-holes. Or, will it remain, swept under the rug of privileged protection, where women are no longer our daughters but playthings for the powerful?

And as everything in our lives today, it began before Harvey. There was the comedian who has been accused of sexual misconduct for years as he enthralled all of us with his humor behind a different mask. There’s the guy who now resides in the White House. Eight women accused him of sexual misconduct. And there were video and audio tapes to prove it. Here was a man so brazen as to first suggest it was only locker room banter but now he insists that it was not his voice on the tapes, while everyone in the world can hear for themselves it was himself trying to impress a ladder-climbing punk reporter with the last name of two of the past President’s of the United States. We, citizens of this country, elected a low excuse of a man, and changed the way we look at everything today, including among other things, lying, cheating, stealing, disrespecting, bullying, mocking and abusing. They are now looked upon as badges of bright thought…understanding…new Orwellian behavior of what a man show be like. Are these the qualities we want for our sons? Is this what we are raising, men filled with power and greed to do anything they want, any time they want to do it?

Make no mistake about it, when the men and women of America decided to fight back at the accused sexual abuser for President by voting him into the office via the Electoral College (he couldn’t win on the popular vote), it was a game changer in American behavior. Puke flowed out of the cabinets of the closets holding the truth. But many turned their heads because of Party.

These past weeks, women finally began to come out and talk about what men had done to them…men of perceived power, ignoring what the man in the White House stated by saying he could ‘Stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody’ and not ‘lose any voters’.

They care now.

When the women came out and told their story of Harvey, the mega producer and holder of the ‘production sofa of the year’ award, year after year, he hid in Arizona and disguised himself with glasses, a wig and a hat, while believing to be a person who was going through ‘sexual awareness rehab’. Like the famous comedian before him, he held power over the women he allegedly abused. And they didn’t like it. Thanks to Samantha Cooney, Time (112217), who listed a vast number of them, thus started the flow…first a trickle, now a full force coming out of the tap on a daily basis. (For the list, go to:

In all, so far, these are 64 men who have disgraced themselves, to the public, to their acquaintences, to their friends, to their families and to themselves.

We care now.

Men are supposed to be devoted standard barriers for good manners, proper ethics and decent souls. Euripides stated, ‘To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.’ Didn’t their fathers teach these men anything? Didn’t their mothers teach these men anything? Didn’t their peers stand up and tell them to knock it off? Didn’t the women who complained have a clear and transparent platform to tell their side of the story and not be ridiculed? Didn’t the public turn their heads and raise their voices in disgust? Didn’t men and women demand respect and say ‘No’ and not go to see their product anymore, nor buy their products anymore or vote for them?

Will this be a blip in America’s social moment when nothing is done or will it stand as a seismic time when it changed everything?

Where are the politicians who will stand up and say ‘No’…’No More’? Where are the politicians who will stand up to their patronage supporters and say ‘No’…’No More’? Where are the voters? Will they keep these people in office, if they don’t?

Let us see when they have a vote in Alabama for a new Senator of the United States next week.

Perhaps this is the time to let us see…set the record clear and straight.

Then we will be able to see those who have been raised by good mothers and fathers who set the right example.

Or will she continue to cry in the shadows of democracy.

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