The Hatch Is Open

The once close friend of the Senior Senator of Massachusetts, the Senior Republican Senator last Winter mused out loud that he was considering carefully retirement. And he mentioned that a person of integrity would have to be available to take his place. Then in October he told friend he plans on retiring.

Then about a month later, in fact last month, the Senior Republican Senator blew up publicly admonishing Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who stated that ‘With all due respect, I get sick and tired of the rich getting richer.’ Then Orrin Hatch blew back, ‘I come from the poor people, and I have been here working my whole stinkin’ career for people who don’t have a chance, and I really resent anybody that says I’m doing it for the rich. Give me a break. I think you guys overplay all the time, and it gets old. And frankly, you ought to quit it. What you said was not right. I come from the lower middle class, originally. We didn’t have anything. So don’t spew that stuff on me. I get a little tired of that crap. I like you very much personally’, Hatch said to Brown. ‘But this bullcrap that you guys throw out here really gets old after a while. And then to do it right at the end of this is just not right.’

Born one of nine children in Pittsburgh during the Depression, his father was a metal lather. Metal lathers work with metal to build and install framework for the inside and outside walls in building construction projects. They did not make much money but during the Depression, it was a job. And in that era, jobs were very difficult to come by. And the Senator is prone to say they didn’t have indoor plumbing. Fact check: many during that time, especially the vast majority of American’s who lived off the land did not have indoor plumbing.

Today Orrin Hatch is the President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate. And he has been named the Designated Survivor.

The other day, the Senator called the President one of the best Presidents he’s seen in office stating ‘He’s one of the best I’ve served under.’ Then he invited the President to come to Utah Monday.

Is the Senator, who is 83 years old and once ousted a three term Senator by asking ‘What do you call a Senator who has been in the United State Senate for 18 years? Home.’ is now in his zillionth term in Washington, seeking a reversal of his previous retirement thoughts? It is more than home. It is like home home. It is a comfortable home. It is assumed that it has indoor plumbing.

But why would he reconsider? Well, behind the scenes looms a massive shadow of a man who is being supported by nearly everyone in the State of Utah and the Mormon Church. The first Morman every nominated for Presidency of the United States, Mitt Romney. And Mr. Romney has the power.

In a poll held recently, here was the results:

Voters in the survey only chose Hatch over Wilson if they knew she’s a Democrat.

But shockingly, in a poll held in September, Wilson fared better after a pollster forgot to include party affiliation on the survey. She received 45% of that hypothetical vote, and Hatch got 34%, leaving 21% undecided.

There is no mistaking it…Romney wins by a much larger margin than would an older Hatch.

But let’s look to Monday and see if the trip to Utah is a pat on the back or a boost to run again.

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