Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Through the first 455 days in office, the Gallop Poll through April 15, 2018, has the Presidential Approval Rating of 39%.
The average of previous Presidents through this length in office is 53% (from 1938 through this date).


First, the chief resident in the White House stated that the United States would be “coming out of Syria, like, very soon.”
Second, after checking with his military chiefs, he revised his off-the-top-of-his-head remarks by agreeing to a slower withdrawal from Syria, this time over several months.
Third, decided in early April to impose an additional $100 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports.
Fourth, caught off guard, his advisors hurriedly revised the official statement.
Fifth, he flirted with the idea of rejoining TPP.
Sixth, he distanced himself from that possibility days later.
Seventh, National Security Council spokesman, Michael Anton, resigned.
Eighth, White House communications director Hope Hicks left.
Ninth, Comey said something.
Tenth, he blew up tweeting about Comey.
Eleventh, he attacked Syria.
Twelfth, Congress questions his authority to attack without Congressional approval.
Thirteenth, Stormy Davis is everywhere.
Fourteenth, Stormy Davis’ attorney is everywhere.
Fifteenth, he attacks the usual suspects, beginning with his Attorney General, FBI and Muller.
Sixteenth, personal attorney home and offices were raided by FBI.
Seventeenth, he blows up Twitter with attacks on the usual suspects.
Eighteenth, Republic members of Congress begin to turn and talk about interceding on Special Council’s behalf.
Ninteenth, UN Ambassador says there will be further restrictions imposed on Russia.
Twentieth, Comey on ABC-TV in prime time.
Twenty-First, he blows up Twitter attacking Comey.
Twenty-Second, former TV talker, now National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow suggests UN Ambassador got in front of her skis.
Twenty-Third, UN Ambassador tells former TV talker, now National Economic Council Director, where to put his skis.
Twenty-Fourth, Stormy attends his personal attorney’s Federal hearing.
Twenty-Fifth, Stormy’s attorney is everywhere on television.
Twenty-Sixth, decides he should head down to Florida and meet with Japan’s head.
Twenty-Seventh, tells everyone how great Southern White House is while nation is getting beat up again by bad weather.
Twenty-Eighth, Comey on MSNBC’s Maddow in prime time.
Twenty-Ninth, Republican in Congress leaks Comey personal memo’s prompting the ’11th Hour’s’ Brian Williams to state, ‘There are four things you can do to release secrets in government, #1 Telegraph, #2, Telephone, #3 Television and #4 Tell a Member of Congress.’

Alka-Seltzer please.

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