A Softening With Rigidness

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The last week was a very different week. For some, they felt the man in the White House betrayed many of the values the country stood for. While others stated that it was time we spoke with those we have not for decades.

As a result, the Gallup Poll for the week ending July 22, 2018, was as follows:

Presidential Percent Approval Rating: 42%
Presidential Percent Disapproval Rating: 54%

In many circles, pundits say the President’s support is softening, mainly due to the change in the Independent voter’s point of view.

However, for those who believe this is hurting his base support group, here are actual comments posted on Facebook during his speech at the VFW Conference in Kansas City, July 24, 2018:

‘He is bringing corporations back.’
‘Where’s Hillary?’
‘Haters need to shut up.’
‘Praise God who has given us a great President.’
‘Amen.’ (referring to above comment)
‘Democrats act lis a terrorist organization.’
‘ICE is not going anywhere.’
‘Yes. God gave us this man.’
‘We are here to stay and protect the laws.’
‘Yes. God is leading.’
‘Most people in this country aren’t true Americans.’
‘Build the wall!!’
‘And she did it legally!!!’
‘Canadians need to worry about a wall.’
‘You don’t break into my home and set the rules.’
‘We owe illegals nothing.’
‘So kind to our Veterans.’
‘Civil laws!’
‘No not brainwashed. Proud of my President.’
‘Always support our veterans and thx to a President who acknowledges them.’
‘ICE ICE Baby. Build the WALL.’
‘I love it. Wow.’
‘They didn’t use children to sneak in with.’
‘Love my President.’
‘National Treasure. Thank you.’
‘Shut up fakers. If you don’t like it, walk away.’
‘Those are Hillary’s voters.’
‘Just ignore the ugly remarks by the Fake News.’
‘I’m glad my kid has a president that is going What trump does. He’s crass and bullish, but honestly it takes someone that’s a bit of a bully to do what he is doing. Ill take a little crass in trade for what he is doing for the economy and the rest of the country.’
‘Traitors should leave.’
‘God Bless You, Mr. President.’

And all of this was after the following:

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