What’s It All About

If you haven’t been involved in a political campaign and especially a Presidential political campaign from start to finish, you can’t understand the oxygen they breathe. It is pure poxy. It is filled with terms and phrases that are nearly never talked about in the real world. And this is definitely not the real world. It is a world of ups and downs, arounds and about, attacks and counter attacks, shaking hands, holding babies and smiling…lots and lots of smiling.

During the next months, weeks, days and hours, candidates will be selected and one will advance to the White House where the person will become the most powerful person in the world. It is all about getting to Wonderland.

As a political science major, this is the top of the bus…the top of the plane…the top activity you can ever possibly be involved with. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin as a political science major among other things. A Presidential campaign is everything you could possibly imagine.

This is an overtheshoulder view from a distance at the 2016 Presidential Campaign.


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