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1BC…On The Day Before Comey

Courtesy of The Washington Post, this is like few days in our history. Social media, legacy media, people talking over the fence, at grocery stores, the story of the day is about what will happen tomorrow. Some feel it will … Continue reading

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Teletubbies Tutan Uncommon

Arn’t you glad you don’t live in New Hampshire or Iowa this month? Unfortunately for those folks, as they watch ‘American Idol’ audition rounds or ‘Angel From Hell’ debut or ‘The Big Bang Theory’, all on Thursday evening, there was … Continue reading

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Let The Gaggle Thin

Now the year before the big event, the gaggle of candidates begins to thin as a governor drops out and 15 remain on the side which began in Ripon, Wisconsin so many years ago. On the opposing side, the favorite … Continue reading

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